What is it like now that you are a Jimbo?

So much better not having someone depicting how many hours I work now it’s my choice .

What were some of the reservations you had from becoming a Jimbo? How did you overcome this?

Could I do this, is the money there to have a good living , will it work for me .

Once you go through the steps that are there before you before you even sign up you get to see that it is all possible and that there is a heap of support behind you to help you succeed.

What is the one thing that you would say to anyone thinking about becoming a Jimbo?

To check it out for themselves spend the time the money to go to training at national by the time you have done that you’ll know whether it’s for you or not.

Your favourite thing about living the Jimbo Life?

That it’s up to me how much I want to work and how much I want to earn, that I get to be home more now and I’m getting paid what I’m worth not what someone else thinks I’m worth.

What were you doing before? What was the worst thing about your previous Job?

Semi driver at Stratco. Getting up at 4am for a 530 start working 12 or 13 hours getting home at 8pm 23 years of that just wasn’t doing it for me anymore.