Our Raving Fans.

What our current Jimbo's think of the Jim's System.

Best thing about being a Jimbo

Andy:     the best thing about being a Jimbo is the ability to schedule my workload so I can take every third Friday off, to go play golf. The money not bad either.

Glen:      …. FREEDOM !!!!!

Kim:        fresh air and exercise


  • being able to be at home with my daughter (and wife) any time I like, as she grows up.
  • also be able to control what I earn…. The sky is the limit..

Tony:      …. FREEDOM !!!!!


  • own boss
  • own business
  • good support
  • working in the open air and your own hours. Lovely customers to spoil me with Tea, Coffee, wine, biscuits, chocolate. Lots of accolades. Linda says only the oldies….. I hope.

Domenic: ….being your own boss and taking the compliments


  • being your own boss
  • the job can be many different things i.e. lifestyle job or you can do hours to suit with children’s pick-ups from day care
  • my job also fits in well with my wife’s job, we can adjust the hours on a certain week if needed.

Paul:        I’m the boss and getting to meet Shane (LOL)

Ben:         Being your own boss and having a lifestyle that suits me

Glen:       Having control of my future

Tony:      Being your own boss and being responsible for your own mistakes.

Funniest Jimbo Moment

Andy:     I do a job for a mining company every third Saturday and normally there is no one around, however a couple weeks ago the big boss pulled up in his Merc and said to me that I needed to clean my Ute as he does not employ anyone with a dirty car.

I thought to myself he has too much time on his hands, however he went into the office and about 20 min later a young boy came out and started washing his car.  When he returned an hour later, he said to me, “you are not supposed to see that”.

Duane:   Driving past the local primary school one day and I noticed kids pointing across the road at their football. So I pulled up and grabbed the football threw it back towards the fence to the sound of 20-30 kids singing “Jimbo”

Tony:      Emilio said at the end of the job, I was attractive and asked if they were all my own teeth, then wanted me to give him a hand. The man has a moustache painted on with eyeliner and feeds non-existent chickens and tells me he put his wife in hospital and he has spent three weeks in prison. Emilio is 73 and looks 103. Just some of the characters you meet.

Kim:        Customers who negotiated price up.


Customer: “can look after all your garden needs.”

Me: “Yes“

Customer: Well, will you hang out my washing.

Me: “Okay “

…… (20 min later) and 10 pairs of white Y fronts out.


………….It was only while hanging out the undies that I realized why he didn’t want to hang them up. Mmmmm

Glen:      Mowing someone else’s lawn (next door neighbors)

Paul:       Knowing Shane (LOL)

Jeff :      Got a call to go to a united community house for gardening. The lady was 96 and spoke no English only Russian. On the second visit she accused me of stealing her corrugated side fence. There was no way I could have made off with a 10 inch corrugated fence. On the third visit I found out it was removed by her son

Best achievement

Andy:     buying the Ute from the money I got back from the taxman.

Paul:       purchasing my second territory


  • increase regular client base (doubled in three years)
  • receive referrals and recommendations from existing customers
  • receive HQ contact a quote for a landscaping job and quoted and won the job 8 loads of pebble and bark, planting and ongoing maintenance. Also, received a letter of appreciation! Now a regular client

Glen:      it’s all good

Dom:      losing weight and being a fit man

Ben:        paying off my loan in about 6 to 8 months.

Andy:      managed to thin my client base numbers down without affecting my weekly hours, which allowed me to pick up new clients, which is something I was too busy to do for the last year.

Kim:        … laying 2 new lawns

Michael Becoming a non-smoker after 42 years of smoking

Greg:      Becoming a Jimbo

Duane:   surviving over two years as the Jimbo

Peter:     meeting Glen and Carolyn

Peter:     making shitloads of money


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