Garden Design, Cleanups & Makeovers Adelaide SA


We love a good garden challenge, so if you need a garden cleanup in Adelaide SA, or even a whole new garden design, we would love to help!



Things may have gotten out of control because you’ve been so busy or perhaps you’ve been plagued with weeds. Or maybe you’ve inherited a garden disaster from a previous tenant. In any case, we can do complete garden makeovers so you will enjoy looking at your backyard and have a useable space to enjoy.


We carefully consider your garden makeover by looking at what plants would best suit the space and how you plan to use the area. We can even install an edible garden so you’ll have access to your very own home grown vegies.


Having a garden cleanup is also a great gift idea if you know your parents, grandparents or older children are time poor or physically unable to keep their garden looking beautiful. We’re only too happy to give you a free quote as well as a free lawn health check.


Of course, once we’ve got your garden under control and looking its best we can help you keep it that way too. Your local Jim’s Garden Care Specialist will do a terrific job of mowing your lawn and taking the clippings away as part of your ongoing lawn maintenance so that you never have to feel overwhelmed by your yard again.


We can also help with pruning trees and trimming hedges, while we can also clean your gutters or mulch your yard so it looks absolutely fantastic.


If your lawn maintenance requirements are getting too much for you to handle and you want a yard cleanup in Adelaide, don’t worry about a weekend wasted wearing garden gloves and dodging creepy crawlies, simply call us today and in no time at all you’ll be enjoying your backyard in all its lush glory.




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