Mulching SA



If you have a beautiful garden, did you know that by adding quality mulch to it, you can help it thrive in many ways by providing nutrients to the plants and giving them protection from the harsh Australian elements?


Mulch can help aid retention of moisture in your garden, assist in reducing erosion and stem the growth of weeds.


Mulching your garden might sound like a miracle cure but garden mulching in SA is about the bigger picture, as its part of the process of building and maintaining a beautiful garden.


Essentially, mulch acts as a barrier for your garden, protecting it. Think of a rainforest and the heavy blanket of leaf cover protecting the earth beneath it – this is the same affect mulch has in your garden.


There are a variety of mulches available including organic mulch, which can be made up of elements like grass clippings, kitchen scraps and woodchips. Organic mulches will naturally degrade in time, acting as a direct compost system.


There are also other, longer-term mulches available such as rubber and plastic and sometimes even rock and gravel can be used.


The type of mulch you need to use in your garden will depend on many things, including the variety of plants you have, the affect the mulch will have on your soil, the level of durability required, preferred appearance, cost and availability.


If you’re looking for mulching in SA or if you’re not sure what mulch you need in your garden to help it thrive, call us today at Jim’s Mowing and we’ll help with all your garden questions!


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