Gutter Cleaning SA


If your trees are overgrown and are blowing leaves into your gutters, we can help you resolve both issues at Jim’s Mowing.


You see, we are experts in pruning trees and this not only makes for healthier trees, it also ensures your gutters aren’t constantly full of leaves, which can be a fire hazard as well as looking untidy.

Fall Cleanup - Leaves in Gutter


If you are a friend of the environment and you do collect rainwater from your roof into your own tank, don’t let all your good work come undone with clogged gutters.


We can handle your requirements for gutter cleaning in SA to assist your water catchment and make your home and yard look fresh and tidy.


Whether you want the whole kit and caboodle for a completely manicured garden- lawn mowed, edges clipped, hedges trimmed, trees pruned and gutter cleaning – or if you just want us to clean you gutters so you don’t have to climb up that rickety ladder again, it’s as easy as giving us a call on

131 546



We also have full insurance, which means our professionals are covered for any accidents on your property, as we know that’s not a risk anyone wants to take – especially when climbing onto a roof.


If you’re sick of leaves blowing off your roof across your freshly mowed yard, or seeing and hearing water pouring out of your gutters when it rains, have them cleaned by the professionals at Jim’s Mowing and relax next time those storm clouds head your way.




Call us today for an obligation free quote on 131 546 or Enquire Online