What did you do before joining Jim’s Mowing?

I was 20 years as a Registered General Nurse. I worked in intensive care units, and high dependency surgical wards in all the major public and private hospitals within South Australia. I was essentially a contractor employed as needed. My success in the industry was based on the fact that I was particularly good at orientating to a new ward quickly and achieving a high standard of care that could be relied upon by the hospital.

My wife, Veerle was an insurance fraud investigator, contracting to companies such as SGIC, and Work Cover.

What frustrated you about your previous employment?

It was a thankless job, with no future. The patients generally appreciated what we did, unfortunately nurses tend to be used, abused and discarded by hospital administration. The health system in general has been asked to do much more with much less.

The insurance investigation industry is high pressure, results driven. Remuneration is good but continued employment for contractors can be linked to the client’s perception of value to them. For example, more loop holes to avoid paying out on policies results in more work for the contractor.

What were you looking for in an opportunity?

Lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle. No weekends, no shift work, no stress, fewer deadlines. A visible and direct return on your investment of sweat, time and finances. The harder I work the more my family benefits.

Why did you end up choosing Jim’s over other things you were considering?

Basically, other businesses I considered had a predictable impact on my lifestyle requirements. Usually other businesses involved a considerable investment of financial resources beyond which I was prepared to risk, for example a Dymocks book store required an investment of $750,000. Jim represented a manageable financial risk that did not require me to put the family home at risk.

What do you like best about Jim’s Mowing?

Freedom to pursue my business without some of the more onerous restrictions imposed by other franchised businesses in this industry. The support, friendship and advice offered by other franchisees and our franchisors.

The advertising power of the group, and above all else, the 98% market recognition among our client population. This power boils down to a licence to print money.

What do you find challenging about being in Jim’s Mowing?

Work/life balance, (work smart not hard). Increasing hourly turnover, decreasing overheads. Deciding what to pursue next, in anticipating the needs of the clients and of the season. Maintaining focus, drive and motivation.

Details of the money you now make in comparison to your previous employment?

My wife and I own the business jointly. I operate the business. With her support I make enough turn over to provide us with an income that is equal to that that we made pursuing our careers. I work 4x 9-10 hr days (36 — 40hrs) per week, we employ 1 man 18 -20 hrs per week. No shift work, no stress, and no politics. And my wife can do what she wants to do and concentrate on being a mother and raising our two boys, keeping our home and supporting me and the business.


Blokes Just Like You


    Previous Job: Service Station Attendant

    I was working around 50 hours a week and earning 50K a year. In Jim’s I work around 30¬38 hours a week and would earn around 150K a year. ..we plan to pay off our mortgage and make a big dent in the 2 rentals properties we have been able to buy (even buy another).


    Previous Job: Registered General Nurse

    Lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle. No weekends, no shift work, no stress, fewer deadlines…. and no politics. And my wife can do what she wants to do and concentrate on being a mother and raising our two boys, keeping our home and supporting me and the business.


    Previous Job: Dealer, Adelaide Casino

    I actually find it more fun than challenging. When I try something and it works, I know I've made everything that bit easier and/or more $$. I've also split my round 5 times in 5 years for a total of $90k extra income. I never miss a rock concert or birthday party, and there's never a moment at work when I wish I was at home.


    Previous Job: Retail - Storeman and a Salesman

    Since I bought my Mowing round, I have lost count of the number of times I have been told by family and friends how happy and relaxed I look. I knew I wasn't happy where my work life was heading beforehand, but I never realised how visible it was also to everyone else. The support we got from Gerry, Shane & Rets our Franchisors was vitally important to a smooth transition and has been on-going, only a phone call away or by email. We were impressed from the very first initial meeting.


    Previously Job: Security Officer at Olympic Dam

    The professionalism of the Jim's Group very much impressed us. People trust and respect the Jim's name, and that has helped us to grow our business very quickly. The help and support has been terrific!

  • Tristan (Hackam)

    Well after 2 months i grew from 80 to 105 odd clients, I did my first split after 8 months, I have landed a 1mth trial with a retirement home that I was doing some lawns for as the caretaker of all gardens which will let my wife leave her job.


    Previous Job: International Tour Guide

    Being my own boss is fantastic, I have more time with my family and set up my hours around our needs. The franchisors are only a phone call away, if I ever have any questions or need anything. I now make double the money in half the hours which means more time with my family.


    Previous Job: social worker

    Jim's offers me contact with everyday people and I can be of help and assistance to them, in a way, not dissimilar to my former job. I have some clients that I can choose to do those extra little things for, like my elderly clients, which makes me, and them feel good.


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